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Boston Butt

We do the work,
You make the money.

Why Use BARNES? 

1. Convenience Once You Sell It, You Forget It. With our Boston Butt Sales, your customer can arrange to pick up the Boston Butt at a time that is convenient to them with No Expiration Dates. 

2. No Risk for your organization. No Investment, No Handling of perishables, No Guesswork, and best of all, NO COOKING!

3. Trust People know Barnes and will buy a product they know is good.

How Does It Work?

• We provide your organization with pre-printed Boston Butt Gift Certificates.

• The members of your organization sell the certificates for a price that you determine.

• Alternatively, we can provide a link to an online order form (example shown below).

• For each certificate sold, your organization pays Barnes a pre-set amount of money. Your organization keeps the rest. The typical profit is $10 per Boston Butt.

• At the end of the sale , turn in unsold certificates.

• You’re Done! No Clean-Up , No Mess, No Fuss, No Leftovers.

Example Order Form

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